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Currency Converter 1.8

Convert currencies from the Dashboard

Currency Converter is a Dashboard widget which any serious traveler should not leave their Mac without. View full description


  • Often updated
  • Different themes
  • Has lots of currencies
  • Calculates currencies simultaneously


  • Shows only four currencies at once


Currency Converter is a Dashboard widget which any serious traveler should not leave their Mac without.

This widget lets you convert simultaneously any amount in four different currencies. Values are regularly updated, that is if you're connected to the internet and Dashboard is working. The widget includes not only the world's most used currencies but also lesser known ones and even legacy currencies such as the French Franc or the Deutsch mark.

To use it, simply select the currencies of your choice from the drop down menus, type in a value and let the widget do its job. If you're converting from one currency to another you probably won't need the four entries made available though. Currency Converter goes up to a precision of five decimals and can also calculate taxes, if you include them. On a side note, Currency Converter also includes a number of different themes to choose from.

Currency Converter is a useful widget to precisely convert to any currency in the world. Fills in a gap oddly left out by Apple. A must have for your Dashboard.


  • Now ready for MacOs X Lion
  • Bitcoin exchange rate fixed

This little widget will allow you to quickly convert any currency from your Dashboard. It offers the following features:

  • Automatically updated exchange rates
  • Support all the traded currencies of the world
  • Support the old legacy european currencies (like italian lira, deutsch mark, french francs) and other legacy currencies of the world
  • Support multiple currencies conversions (you can add all the currencies you want to the conversion table)
  • Support multiple widget instances, so that you can keep open more than a conversion table, each with a set of preferred currencies
  • You can choose the desired decimal precision, from 1 to 5 decimals
  • You can evaluate expressions (ex. 10+10, 10*3,2, etc.)
  • You can sort currencies by name, by ISO code or by countries (all the countries of the world are listed!)
  • You can calculate the exchange taxes setting the exchange taxes rate (for example 2% for credit cards)
  • You can do inverse conversion, too! Just enter * in a currency value field and you'll get the current rate for that currency vs the other currencies in the table
  • Localized in English, Italian, Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Polish, Greek, Russian, Turkish, Traditional Chinese and Japanese (all the currency names are localized, too). Help me with the localization in other languages
  • You can choose an interface theme between Blackboard (the new default theme), Blackboard basic (without the currency sign and currency flag), Mini (useful for small screens), Mini translucid (semitransparent) and European (the old default theme). More will be added in the future, you can suggest me your ideas about them

Currency Converter


Currency Converter 1.8

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